Wood Chipper Service

We have a wood chipping company that will be available to come to YOUR property to chip branches/limbs. This FREE service will be available for one 8-hour day, Saturday, June 1. We encourage use of this service in order to keep branches out of the dumpsters. We will not accept large loads of branches/limbs at the dumpster sites.

  • Contact Sandy Ricard, 303-680-0946 or golfsand@aol.com to be included on the list and put on the map
  • Pile branches/limbs neatly, next to the road, with bases facing the road. This must be done prior to the chipper arriving at your property.
  • 6 inch diameter max. No lumber, no wires, no nails
  • the chippers will not go onto your property to collect branches/limbs
  • DEADLINE for signing up is May 30


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