APOA Budget

Each Fall, a budget is developed and approved by the Board that is then followed during the next calendar year.  While the Budget is intended to be as complete as possible, important projects develop from time-to-time that were not budgeted for/approved.

The Board follows a simple three-step process in accomplishing and paying for these unexpected projects.

1) The individual or committee must first obtain Board approval (preferably in person at one of the Board meetings) for their intended project including any anticipated costs.

2) After approval, the individual or committee then accomplishes the project and keeps any receipts for expenditures.

3) Upon project completion, the receipts are submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

2018 APOA Annual Disclosure

One of the additions to the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) included in SB 100 in 2005 was to require all owner associations make an annual disclosure of information. This disclosure is to be made no later than 90 days following the end of the association’s fiscal year after Jan 1, 2018. For Antelope, that date is Mar 31, 2018. The specific requirements of the annual disclosure are contained in paragraph 3 of the APOA Resolution regarding Disclosure of Documents dated Nov 14, 2006.

The following information is hereby disclosed:

a.  The APOA fiscal year begins January 1.

b.  2018 Operating Budget (click here to view/download)

c.  Current Regular and Special Assessments – The APOA has only one assessment, the regular assessment (dues) for the operation and maintenance of the association, $100.00 per year.

d.  2017 Financial Statement (click here to view/download)

e.  Financial Audits or Reviews – No audits or reviews have been conducted.

f.  Association Insurance Policies – APOA has one insurance policy – see paragraph [g] below.

g.  Insurance Policy Specifics – State Farm Fire and Casualty Company; $1,000,000 liability, $2,000,000 aggregate; $500 deductible; additional named insured:  Cherry Creek Schools (since we hold meetings at Creekside Elementary School); current policy expires on May 4, 2019.

h.  Association Declaration (covenants), Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and Rules and  Regulations (click here to view/download)

i.  Board meeting and Member meeting minutes for fiscal year 2017 can be obtained by contacting the Board Secretary Bridget Duggan BridgetDuggan@Antelopepoa.com  303-690-2104.

j.  APOA’s responsible governance policies (click here to view/download).

Please address any questions you have regarding this disclosure to David Colson, APOA Treasurer at DavidColson@Antelopepoa.com or 303-910-2978.

Not sure what your dues are used for?

Dues are the only means we have of keeping our neighborhood safe and well-maintained. Your dues pay for insurance and upkeep for our common areas, electricity for our three entrance signs, fees, legal expenses, annual community cleanups, picnics and special projects.

Association dues are $100 per year and are due at the beginning of each new year.

Contact the Treasurer

General Email: Mail@Antelopepoa.com

David Colson – Treasurer